Saturday 28 October 2017

2nd teaser alert: 'Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor' is undoubtedly Disney/Pixar level

Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor is Pakistan’s answer to all Pixar and Disney animated movies in Hollywood. The upcoming Pakistani animated film just released its second teaser and we are just as impressed as we were with the first one – if not more!

The 22-second teaser comprises fine quality animation anchoraged in an indigenised story-line and localised characters, making it a definite seller.

The movie surely seems to promise a new bench mark for films in this genre in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Whether the plot and the characters are just as gripping as the visuals of the teaser is something only time will tell.

Previously talking to The Express Tribune, the director of the movie, Uzair Zaheer Khan explained the idea of the film.

Khan didn’t quite go into specifics, thus building more curiosity for the film. “Allahyar is a young Pakistani boy from the north, who has ideals and ambitions that get challenged when he’s thrown into an adventure where he discovers a world he never knew existed.”

We can’t wait for this movie to hit the screens!


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