Saturday 3 February 2018

Allahyar Day One Business Pakistan - Good

Allahyar is the new animated release and despite no holiday season film has led on day one among all new releases that too with big margin.

Film has raked in 35lacs approx on day one which is more than combined day one total of the other two new releases i.e. Maan Jao Naa and Pari.

Film has even beaten previous animated releases of Pakistan which is excellent result as film has come in non holiday season which is not good time to release animated film.

Film has taken very good start in Karachi and Rwp/Isl and film will see massive pick today as animated films usually see big trend over the Weekend.

Today's reports are very good as it has opened to houseful board at many places and advance for coming shows at leading plexes is very good. Film is looking to go over 1.5cr for the Weekend which would be excellent result for an animated film despite not a good release time!!

Below are day one numbers of animated films of Pakistan.

Allahyar.. 35lacs
3 Bahadur 2.. 30lacs
3 Bahadur.. 32lacs


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