Saturday 1 September 2018

Iqra Aziz in Search of 'Perfect Script' to Make Movie Debut

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When it comes to Iqra Aziz there is something very unique and engaging about this young talented actress who this year has given wonderful performances in dramas like Khamoshi, Tabeer and the immensely popular Suno Chanda. Paired opposite Farhan Saeed, Iqra and the singer turned actor made the Ramzan comedy a project to remember.

With many hit dramas under her belt and a fan following which is on the rise, it was in a recent interview with Gulf Times where she revealed how she was open to sign a film and looked forward to making her movie debut soon!

We for one know for sure that she will do wonders there too. However, at the end of the day it's all about the script and if that's a solid one only then an actor can perform to their full potential. Iqra said the same, while she is currently going through many stories to decide which one to sign and which one to reject

“I’m looking forward to an extremely well written script. Story does matter, but all of it goes in vain if the script is not written to detail. I want something that can give me goose bumps just by reading it; so, let’s see," said Iqra.

Talking about the revival of Pakistani film industry, she shared that she believes it is in fact team work that drives the industry in raising the bar for quality and content.

“It’s not only dependent on the actor. It’s team work. From a DOP (Director of Production) to director and even the light guy – the work is interdependent, and the beauty comes out on screen when it’s all perfectly synchronised," explained the actress.

Adding further she said, "We can only produce a film of international appeal when we have a team working closely with each other, employing professional skills and expertise. It’s a team work that’s going to ultimately contribute to revolutionise the Pakistan film industry. It’s not a one man show.”

We agree to every single word of hers and honestly we can't wait to hear which movie she picks as her debut. Meanwhile she is also busy shooting for a new drama with her Tabeer co-star Imran Ashraf which also has us pretty excited as she is an actress who completely looses herself in each character making us forget that the person she is portraying is fictional and not real.

So with a bright future ahead we look forward to seeing Iqra spread her magic on the silver screen soon!


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