Friday 28 September 2018

Meera, Osman Khalid Butt to share screen space for first time

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KARACHI: Saqib Malik’s long-awaited directorial debut for the big screen, titled Baaji will soon be nearing completion. A social drama-cum-thriller set against the backdrop of a fading Lollywood and the emerging new order of the Pakistan film industry, Baaji promises to be a film with a difference, stated a press release.

Penned by Irfan Ahmed Urfi and Saqib himself, Baaji’s storyline aims to deliver a sizzling dose of high glamour and intense drama. Although the film is a homage of sorts to the riveting story and character oriented classics of Pakistani cinema of the 70s, Baaji will, however, be very contemporary in its tone and treatment.

The film boasts of a unique and stellar lineup of actors, including Meera making her comeback in a career-defining title role. Showstopper supermodel Aamna Ilyas, who recently stole the show in 7 Din Mohabbat In, will also be proving her acting prowess as the female lead

The men in the film should equally hold their own with Osman Khalid Butt leading a crew that includes Mohsin Abbas Haider and Ali Kazmi in pivotal roles. Nisho, the Lollywood star of yesteryear, will be seen in a strong supporting role, along with the highly sought after Nayyar Ejaz.

Musically, Baaji should also hit all the right notes with names like Zeb Bangash, Jamal Rahman, Taha Malik and the legendary maestro of Pakistani cinema, Taffoo, contributing to the film. Audiences will surely wait with bated breath for Baaji to hit the screens in mid-2019.


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