Friday 19 October 2018

Trailer of 'Pinky Memsaab' shows bittersweet tale of two worlds

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KARACHI: Although off to an erratic start, Pinky Memsaab‘s trailer begins with answering a very important question – how Hajra Yamin’s character got the nickname Pinky. “Bachpan se, mere gaal na laal tamaatar hua karte thay. Bas jee, parh gaya mera naam… Pinky (As a kid, my cheeks were tomato red. And so, I became Pinky),” narrates Yamin.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s speak of the more serious parts. Yamin’s character is seen married off to a village guy but due to financial constraints, she moves to Dubai, to work as a maid. And that’s where the second lead Kiran Malik, who plays a Dubai-based socialite named Mehr, comes in.

The trailer shows the transition from Pinky’s village life to Mehr’s lavish lifestyle in a subtly comical way. The Maan Jao Na star is seen waiting at the airport for hours, holding a name board until Santosh the chauffeaur (Sunny Hinduja) finally comes to pick her up.

However, in between these ‘happier’ moments, snippets of the bitter relationship Mehr has with her husband Hasan (Adnan Jaffar) are also displayed; including hints of abuse, jealousy and carelessness. This negativity portrayed in Mehr’s life is probably the reason why the bond between the two females had formed, as she finds a kind of escape in her kinship with Pinky.

Overall, Pinky Memsaab is a story of two different worlds in the form of Pinky and Mehr. It entangles the lives of the four characters quite aptly, making for a thought-provoking tale. The concept, as Mehr narrates it, seems to be “Kuch cheezen door se bohot achi lagti hain, per paas jao… toh woh baat rehti hi nahi. (Some things look very admirable from afar, but when you come closer,

it’s just not the same.” Pinky Memsaab is all set to hit theatres on Decemebr 7, 2018.


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