Saturday 17 November 2018

Trailer of 'Durj' is sure to send chills down your spine

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KARACHI: Chilling, intense and raw. These are just some of the words that come to mind when you watch the trailer of the upcoming film Durj. Directed by Shamoon Abbasi, the promo suggests the film to be about cannibalism. Shamoon himself is in the lead as a cannibal with actor Sherry Shah portraying the role of his love interest. Both artists have gone through major transformations for their respective roles.

Among Shamoon and Sherry, Durj also features Myra Khan, Majid Khan and Nouman Javaid in prominent roles. Based on true events, it follows the story of a cannibal on the run, hiding away in a remote desert.

The trailer doesn’t give too much away, creating a sense of curiosity for the viewers. It begins with Myra narrating the details of her husband gone missing and how she is determined to find him. The narration continues throughout the nearly three-minute clip, with unsettling visuals to match.

It shows a whole police force behind this case, trying to get to the bottom of the monstrous crime. The trailer ends with the two lead characters ready to dig up the grave of a “fresh corpse” which will definitely send chills down your spine.

Full of murders, thrill and violence, Durj sheds light on one of the most hideous crimes in Pakistan and is sure to leave you shocked. The release date for the film is yet to be announced.

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