Saturday 15 December 2018

Director Shoaib Khan Reveals Why Film "Jackpot" Is Re-Releasing on 11th January 2019

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One of the oldest debate related to our film industry is whether Indian films be allowed to release alongside local Pakistani films or not, as they greatly affect the box office numbers.

We saw the same happen with the Noor Hassan starrer Jackpot which, as per the filmmakers, got limited screens as Ranbir Kapoors Sanju released alongside it and bagged majority of the screens due to its demand. So recently when we heard the news that jackpot was re - releasing we got a bit curious and decided to find out more about the issue from the director.

With us having contacted the director of the movie, Shoaib Khan, following is what he shared with us as he said, "You see the first time we released it in July 2018 at that time Jackpot did not get proper shows due to Sanju and because of that after 5 / 6 days we decided to take the film down." Read :

 Adding further he said, "We were waiting for a time where we would get a chance to have a meeting with the cinemas in order to get proper shows and now with that problem resolved hence Jackpot is re - releasing on 11th January 2019."


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