Sunday 6 January 2019

Sarmad Khoosat wraps up shooting for Punjabi Film Zindagi Tamasha

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Every Sarmad Khoosat project offers something unique to the audiences. Be it a drama like Humsafar or the movie Manto, he always tries to entertain the audiences with quality content. Recently, he has been directing his Punjabi film Zindagi Tamasha. As per Entertainment Pakistan, the shooting phase of the film has been completed.

The movie was shot in various locations of Lahore as we have been seeing on Sarmad Khoosat's Instagram. The film focuses on the ways of Lahore and how this city shapes the lives of its residents.

Zindagi Tamasha stars Eman Suleman as the lead, alongside veteran television actress Samia Mumtaz. Arif Hasan and Ali Kureishi will also feature in pivotal roles.

Kanwal Khoosat has taken producer's seat and the screenplay was done by newcomer Nirmal Bano, a NCA graduate. Debutant band Sakin, has been given an opportunity to do the music for the film.

This will be the first film to release under the banner of "Khoosat Film."


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