Monday 8 April 2019

And That's a Wrap for Chhallawa Shoot

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Pakistani Cinema is on the rise and we simply love that because what is more interesting is the fact that our filmmakers are experimenting with all kinds of content and creating films with different genres. Amongst a number of releases in Pakistan, ever since the cinema has been en-route revival, we have appreciated the work Wajahat Rauf has brought in as a director. With him having made us laugh with Karachi se Lahore, he recently had announced a new film called Chhalawa which stars the stunning Mehwish Hayat in the lead.

With Wajahat busy shooting for the film as he plans to release it this Eid-ul-Fitr, it seems that the film has finally wrapped up its shooting as announced by the producer / director himself through social media as he wrote, 'On the last day of Chhalawa shoot'

Besides Mehwish Hayat, the film also stars Zara Noor Abbas who has two film coming out this year, the first being Asim Razas Parey Hut Love and male leads in the form of Azfar Rehman and Asad Siddiqui who look amazing by what we have seen so far related to the film.

In an earlier conversation with HIP Wajahat had told,

 'Chhalawa is a refreshing take on family and romance with a unique blend of comedy. It sheds light on the communication gap between generations; it explores the nuances of father - daughter relationships and sibling bonds through an emotional, effective and dramatic manner that could be a great way of communicating and passing a message, which is what really my endeavour was as a filmmaker. It's different from my previous body of work. Chhalawa is fun at the same time is loaded with emotional elements as well'.

So with the shoot all wrapped up we look forward to seeing Chhalawa on the big screen this year as the teaser has left us quite amused since it looks like a colourful and a fun film not to be missed at any cost.


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