Tuesday 21 May 2019

'Durj' will not release in Pakistan first, says Shamoon Abbasi

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Shamoon Abbasi’s take on cannibalism in our country is gritty, horrific and bone-chilling. While his upcoming project has finally gotten a release date, this will be the first time a local film will release overseas before hitting screens in Pakistan.

Durj will see the light of day in the UK, US, Canada, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar on October 11.

Talking to The Express Tribune about the decision, Abbasi shared, “Since Durj’s official trailer released, we noticed that a lot of audiences from around the world became interested in watching the film. Many inquired how they could watch it in America, Britain, Canada, UAE and other countries.”

He added, “Many communities and viewers live in different parts of the world. A massive amount of Pakistanis living abroad have also asked me the same questions because they miss the international screenings of our movies.

” Abbasi continued, “We wanted to surprise them by taking the film to their door steps first. This is indeed the first time in Pakistan that a film is primarily releasing abroad and later, in the home country.”

The Waar actor feels Durj is a different film. “The audience will be the judge whether it’s a good film or a bad one. However, we wanted to do something different about its release and now by the grace of God, Durj is getting a global release.

” Among Shamoon and Sherry, Durj also features Myra Khan, Majid Khan and Nouman Javaid in prominent roles. Based on true events, it follows the story of a cannibal on the run, hiding away in a remote desert.


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