Thursday 15 August 2019

Did our actors realize the importance of speaking up against the brutality?

Did our actors realize the importance of speaking up against the brutality, after getting a permanent Ban from India because we haven't seen them vocal against India.

Is the ban, a blessing in disguise for us? The answer is, yes because they used to be previously too much calculated with words and some of them even never spoke a word and even after ban Fawad Khan is still quiet, which he opts to remain for every issue and obviously it's his opinion but the good thing is our fraternity became one force which we were not seeing for years.

There were differences and there were categories of certain patriotic actors, who prefer working in pakistan and others with approach to work in india and we often experienced them bashing on each others in certain shows.

So right after the ban and when it became permanent our producers and actors started talking about expanding market from releasing the projects worldwide and it started happening.

Talking to international media, Mahira khan, Bilal Ashraf and Sheheryar Munawar said its the right time our international audience wants to connect to us and expanding film to the worldwide audiences was inevitable for us to do.

The producers are geared up for new projects as we have seen Humayun Saeed back in the game, where he announced his two of the new scripts and for sure we want out film industry to rise and shine and we must support it, at least to go once and watch it then pass the verdict.

Article Author: Sidra Ijaz

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