Saturday 24 August 2019

'If You Dont Like My Long Paragraphs Than Stop Reading Now' - Hamza Ali Abbasi

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This weekend is going to be extra special as we will see the union of Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar as they are all set to get married tomorrow but where the groom did confirm the marriage right there the way it was revealed has literally divided the internet who couldn't understand why such a long explanation was given by Hamza and why was Islam bought in to this at all?

With us confused too as it could have been summoned up in a few sentences, it seems that the news has reached Hamza as well who decided to address his previous statement once again in another long post which read,

'I want to again shamelessly use this attention to my marriage to again highlight a point ONLY for those who can relate & are interested. If U don't like my long paragraphs & what I say & hate me for bringing RELIGION into everything then STOP reading now, move on to other stuff, no compulsion'.

With us agreeing on this one it seems that whatever our stars write or express their views there are hoards of people ready to comment on it immediately.

But then again Hamza has always been a hot target for criticism as let's face it sometimes his statuses do end up as not making much sense but this one we felt was a constructive one as these days our society well part of it has ended up being more modern than the English themselves. So with him talking about the Gora culture versus Allah's way we felt that his thoughts are not really that off as he opened up a bit about his relationship with Naimal too by saying,

'If u feel something for someone in your heart, get to know that person in a very "Platonic" way, go out with them, have beautiful walks, coffees, watch a film or 2 in the cinema but U keep it all Halal for Allah's sake. Then If U feel u want to be with her, u don't ask her out & want her to be your GF and keep it hush hush, NO! U show enough courage, commitment and respect towards her that U want to take responsibility in front of the world and ask her for Nikkah'.

Encouraging the youth more we feel with his status and connecting Islam with everything all we can say is that Hamza takes a break from the internet and just enjoy your wedding with Naimal and post pictures of the beautiful event soon.


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