Sunday 18 August 2019

Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar Talks about 'Kaaf Kangana' and Current India-Pakistan Tensions

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Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s upcoming cross-border romantic drama Kaaf Kangana will be making way to the theater screens on October, just as regional tensions between India and Pakistan have boiled over India’s unilateral revocation of Ocuppied Jammu and Kashmir’s autonomy.

The film, as many know, will mark the Punjab Nahi Jaungi scriptwriter’s foray into filmmaking featuring a storyline that depicts a powerful romantic drama between leads Sami Khan and Eshal Fayyaz, with the tantalizing tagline ‘An intense but incomplete love story of 1947 that will be completed in 2019’ underlining its cross-border theme and piquing the audience’s curiosity all the more. HIP spoke exclusively with Khalil sahib about the current tensions and what they mean for Kaaf Kangana. “The film is all the more timely and relevant given the current state of affairs between India and Pakistan,” he noted, adding “You have bear in mind that I am first and foremost a patriot, and I am all the more sensitive to the nuances of regional politics and tensions.”

Given the creative powerhouse that he is, we could not help wonder if the renowned writer had used his wizardry over language to channel the sentiments around the ongoing crisis. “Indeed, I am not aloof from what is happening around me, especially in the current regional scenario. I have penned two poems which have been well-received over social media.”

The two poems are addressed to Prime ministers Imran Khan and Narendra Modi, and are Khalil sahib’s heartfelt words to the two influential leaders of the region in his trademark attention-grabbing style featuring lines such as “Par suno Modi Kashmir koi World Cup mein honey wala cricket ka match nahi ke hum jisse haar kar rolein” (But listen Modi, Kashmir is not like a world cup cricket match that we will cry after losing). They have garnered much praise over the social media from fans of the writer.

Aside from Kaaf Kangana, the renowned writer has also penned the script for the currently on air drama serial Mere Paas Tum ho, starring leading stars Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan. A movie script for Six Sigma productions in also in the works, with the current year shaping to be a rather eventful one for Khalil sahib. He is hopeful that the audience would appreciate the hard-work of his talented cast and crew as well as the underlying message of patriotism in Kaaf Kangana.

We wish Khalil Sahib all the best, and look forward to catching Kaaf Kangana very soon!


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