Saturday 3 August 2019

Shan Pays Homage To Legendary Stars by Trending #Letsbringourprideback

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Veteran actor Shaan Shahid has never been afraid to speak his heart out and always been vocal about his feelings. He spoke from his heart and never held back without caring about criticism. Film-star is very much active on social media these days and has recently requested everyone from the film industry and sports community to stand together. Shahid feels that arts, sports and culture should come together because they are not provided with the required facilities in the country. Star has also urged everyone to support this cause.

Taking to Twitter, Shaan once again restated his forgive and forget mantra and encouraged people to move on from the Mahira Khan-Firdous Jamal controversy. In the light of this matter, Shaan Shahid has started a Hashtag #letsbringoutprideback and he has been posting about those artists and sportsmen who he feels deserve the love and attention for their endless contribution to their respective fields.

The Hashtag is indeed an applauding effort by Shahid to spread love and positivity as he tries to divert the attention on the people who deserve appreciation and acknowledgment. In one of his tweets, Shaan Shahid has also lent support to Firdous Jamal, who is under hot waters after his remarks against Mahira Khan. At first, the star supports both Mahira Khan and Firdous Jamal correspondingly but now he feels Firdous Jamal deserves respect for his work and contribution to the industry that he has done over the last 45 years.

With producer, Momina Duraid having announced that she would no longer hire Jamal in any of her future productions, a plea from Shaan to forgive and forget might actually help salvage the damage the veteran actor has caused for his prestige and career. Here’s hoping that Firdous Jamal doesn’t make unpleasant comments about junior colleagues in the future and that people actually learn the art of forgiving and forgetting.

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  1. As every person has a right to make an opinion so does Mr. Jamal. Yes, most people, especially Mahira Khan fans, did not like it. But this opinion is coming from a person who has been an established, evergreen actor even before the birth of Mahira Khan. Yes, the comment is harsh, but its time for Mahira to work harder.I have nothing against Mahira; neither a die-hard fan of Mr. Jamal, but one should take the criticism in a positive way.
    As far as Momina is concerned, the reason for banning Mr jamal is "how dare you say such a thing about the heroine of our upcoming film?????? (Who is going to watch it after those coments". In short, more publicity. (on the cost of banning one of the senior most actor of Pakista.