Saturday 17 August 2019

Superstar Becomes Biggest Mahira Khan Opener at Boxoffice

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Mahira Khan starrer Superstar is exceptional at the domestic boxoffice as film is doing stupendous business nationwide. The film had opened well on opening day and the collections reached bumper levels on the following days of the Eid. Even on Thursday Superstar has maintained optimum occupancies.

As per estimates, Superstar had collected over PKR 60 million in its first three days making it biggest opener of all time for Mahira Khan. Actress is easily the biggest boxoffice star currently and such massive start of Superstar further solidifies her status of boxoffice queen.

Earlier Mahira Khan starrer 7 Din Mohabbat In was released on Eid ul Fitr last year and had roped in PKR 54 million in first three days. Superstar has beaten that number with a very good margin.

Three years back Mahira Khan starrer Ho Mann Jahaan had roped in PKR 41.5 million in its opening Weekend. Superstar has beaten that number with a margin of around 50%.

Going at the trends till now Superstar will easily become highest grossing film for Mahira Khan before close of extended week.


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