Sunday 11 August 2019

'Talash' Trailer: A Promising Thriller

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The number of films releasing from Pakistan is increasing on a daily basis. Some do really well, Others...Not so much. It is amazing to see we have so much talent in our industry. So many young faces that are actually passionate about acting and taking the Industry forward. With many hits though is also coming to a string of flops. People are exlperimenting with different genres and getting creative with their projects.

Well, we have another movie coming out. 'Talash'. This film is produced by Zeekay films. They have made dramas in the past and this is their first. The cast also includes fresh faces with all the new talent.

Maybe that's what we need, only if given the chance to the newcomers we can gather a good team of talent. Talash has Mustafa Qureshi, Adnan Tipu, Noaman Sami, Faria Hassan, Ahmed Zeb, Salim Mairaj and Humaira Bano included in the cast.

It is also a good thing to focus on the social issues of the society, we feel that's more important than making a masala movie. The film is a social issue-based film and it will show the problem of malnutrition prevailing in our rural areas.

 The film is directed by Director Zeeshan Khan. That is his first direction. Well, we think it looks promising and we only hope it is. We wish the team best of luck for this project.

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