Wednesday 1 January 2020

'Zindagi Tamasha' trailer taken down from Youtube

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Sarmad Khoosat’s upcoming social drama Zindagi Tamasha appears to have stirred some controversy . The trailer of the film that was posted in September, has disappeared from Youtube. Khoosat was reached for a comment however refused to disclose any details. The director notes that he will release a press release soon to address everything.

Given the subject matter of the film, the possibility of the trailer being removed due to objectionable content always stood. However the Censor Board has maintained that this is not it’s doing. “We have no concern with  issues relating to  YouTube. Only the film producers or distributors know best. Our work is to censor films and issue clearness certificate,” said a source from Central Board of Film Censors told Express Tribune.

Khoosat had earlier on shared that Zindagi Tamaasha was made with the background of political and social situations wherein major traits of Pakistani society have been depicted. “The topic of the film is sensitive but I have spoken the truth and one doesn’t fear when speaking the truth,” he said."

Khoosat added that the film is a reference to Khwaja Pervez’s famous song Zindagi Tamasha Bani, written for the old film Naukri Vodi Da. The Manto director clarified that he had acquired legal rights for the aforementioned song.

Zindagi Tamasha created major buzz when it won big at the prestigious Busan International Film Festival, back in October. Khoosat’s directorial won The Kim Ji-seok Award, named after the festival’s co-founder and executive programmer who died in 2017.

The film-maker shared the award with Indian director, Pradip Kurbah, whose film Market was also being screened at the festival. The film was said to be released in January 2020.


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