Saturday 11 April 2020

Donkey King is back to sing about combating coronavirus

02:13 By Lollywood Online 1 comment

The Donkey King has made his comeback and it's to fight Covid-19.

 Mangu - the popular character from the animated movie - is joined by friends to sing track 'Darna Nahi, Larna Hai' which is the latest coronavirus anthem to come out of Pakistan.

This might just be the first original track made for the virus in Urdu - the rest being covers such as DC Hafizabad's rendition of 'Suno Na' - with Shuja Haider and Asrar leading the composition and vocals. The lyrics have been written by Donkey King director Aziz Jindani.

Donkey King is Pakistan's most successful animated movie to date, being released internationally in countless countries including Turkey and Spain. It's good to see the team return for an important cause.


  1. A very funny and interesting cartoon, I really like it!