Saturday 14 November 2020

Actorism, not feminism: Iman Ali's remarks over pay disparity cause uproar

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Actress Iman Ali made headlines back in April for her controversial comments about the models of today, in an interview with Iffat Omar. While she received backlash from fans, followers and her peers over what she had said, another clip of the same interview has been making rounds on Twitter lately and it’s made matters worse.

This time, however, Ali is sharing her thoughts on feminism, in the clip. When asked whether she believes in it, the Khuda Kay Liye star begins, "See, the definition (of feminism) unfortunately, I should not be talking about this because again, this is going to be super politically incorrect." 

She continues, "First, I think we should understand what feminism is. Feminism, to me, is to celebrate being a woman. Women trying to portray or become like men cannot be feminism because then you are negating your whole womanhood. So, trying to become a man is not feminism." 

Ali goes on to comment on pay disparity, saying that when a female actor demands equal fee as her male counterpart, it's 'actorism', not feminism. "If you are as good as your male actor at your job, you deserve to be paid as much as your male actor." 

Omar, at this point, interjects, "But unfortunately..." but Ali cuts her off again, saying she agrees with the host here. “But when women try to become masculine and embarrass themselves in the name of feminism..." 

Once again, Omar asks the starlet if that is what she thinks feminists are doing. Aly replies, "But this isn't the right way. Feminism is not being portrayed correctly in the world; we are not getting it right. We are just annoying everyone now. Make them understand instead." 

The actor adds how women won't be insulted if they confess that they love cooking. "I mean, what's wrong with that?" she asks. Omar quips, "If you love to cook! That should not be made your duty. Men can cook too. It shouldn't be obligatory for women to cook. If she doesn't want to cook, she should be given enough voice to object and ask for a cook." 

Ali thereby replies, "Then it's like saying when men don't feel like working or going to their jobs. It is like he doesn't want to earn and feed the whole family or take sole responsibility for it. But that's a loophole in socialism.” “Men have to take care of the whole household because they don't let the women work," Omar explains. "But that's where our society is at fault again.

 This society has made men, men. We think only men are at fault, whereas women have been wrong as well. If women have been wronged, they are to be blamed equally. Women should raise their sons better. If they aren't doing that right, then whose fault is it?" Her statements divided Twitter as many spoke up against the actor while others supported her. "Classiest actor of Pakistani film industry for you," quipped one user.

While many schooled the former model on how she perceived feminism, other lauded Iman over her stance. "She makes sense to me. “Feminism is celebrating womanhood not emulating manhood," penned one user. One user said Iman nailed the definition of feminism. 

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