Friday 15 January 2021

Our society is patriarchal to begin with: Ayesha Omar

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Known for her eccentric style statements, fashion-diva Ayesha Omar is not only a popular actor but is also a host, a model, and a famous VJ. The star, who has proved her mettle in films such as Karachi Se Lahore and Yalghaar, Omar is also known – and often criticised - for her rather ‘bold’ personality, that at times conflicts with societal norms, usually in her Instagram comments.

Talking about her outspoken persona, Omar spoke about the aforementioned topic rather candidly as with Mira Sethi.

Societal Norms

Upon question from Sethi, the Bulbulay star divulged on how her persona as perceived by the society and what that specific word means. She started with, “Our society is patriarchal to begin with, so the norm set by society for women is to remain ‘suppressed’ with less confidence than men and shouldn’t be self-assured.”

Judging by what she has experienced, Omar continued, “It’s what I have seen on television all my life that any woman of any age must remain or appear subdued and not too outspoken either. So, you see the term ‘bold’ contradicts with all that I think the word itself means. To me, being bold is being confident, brave and outspoken.”

Reason of Strength

Being raised by a single mother, Omar revealed that all her life she has been surrounded by her mother. The actor shared, “My father died when I was not even 2-years-old, so we shifted from Karachi to Lahore. A nucleus family like mine did everything together, which is why my mother had to be extremely hands-on and self-sufficient. She had to work, had to take care of the house, had to look after the kids, finances and almost everything. As a child, I saw my mother hustle through so much, without any financial means. Which is why she is my strength and always will be.”

The starlet went on to add that her father was a businessperson who left too early for her mother to fight all the family battles that comes after somebody’s death.  Omar shared, “My mother got preoccupied in these struggles that she decided to move away for a fresh start despite of her family being in Lahore and lending a shoulder.”

Journey to Success

Omar also revealed that she was lucky enough to score merit scholarship in a renowned school in Lahore when everything else was falling apart. She remarked how life was different there as she pursued to be an artist later in life. “Painting was my life. I graduated from art school with only one motive in life; painting. But life had different plans and I got into acting. I used to do a sit-com back in college called Kollege Jeans and that was the base of what I’m today. Many offers came along, so as an actor who works 14 hours a day, the painter moved farther away.”

As a style Icon

Inspired by her style sense and way of carrying herself with utmost ease, Omar has always made her way into the best dressed category with sophisticated suave. When Sethi asked for her secret, Omar said, “I think it’s the artistic aesthetics that has cultivated over the years that just translated when I wear something. Although, I don’t pre-plan my outfits, it’s just a last minute thing that just does it every time. But I shall also confess, there is always pressure to remain on top of the game. Be it red carpets or any other party, bloggers, fashion journalists and critics are all waiting for you.”

To Omar, it’s all about how she sees herself, and not the audience. “Look, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t dress for people, I dress for what makes me feel comfortable, small percentage of that is according to the occasion,” she said. “Likewise, around the world there are divas like Jennifer Lopez who could own their vibe and style and not be bothered about public opinion in order to give their 100%.”


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