Friday 4 June 2021

Saying it like Saba

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The Lahore Se Agay star is known for her unapologetic personality and say-it-like-it-is attitude towards everything from relationships to her career. In a recent appearance on a local TV show, actor Saba Qamar shed light on her social media persona, as well as her experience in the entertainment industry.

Saba is known for taking on unconventional roles, those that challenge stereotypes around women, and has received an equal amount of criticism for her opinions as well. Speaking about her reluctance to give interviews, Saba spoke about how she feels more at ease on her own platform. The actor shed light on how having her own channel enables her to bypass filters that you have to respect when speaking on other platforms. “On my own show, I don’t need to have a filter. I say what I want to say. I am not scared of repercussions on behalf of the channel or the people involved. That is Saba Qamar’s channel, and that is where I openly say what is in my heart,” explained Saba. The actor added later on, “I show what I feel. You should say what the truth is. If people don’t like it, it’s their problem.”

On her YouTube channel, Saba shares a variety of videos dealing with a vast array of topics including but not limited to the toxicity of desi marriage culture. In an episode titled, ‘Breaking the Stereotypes’, Saba addressed the motivations behind bringing a bahu into a desi family. “The problem with our society is that there are two types of families that approach daughters for their rishtas – the conservatives and the liberals. But both of them want a maid in the form of a daughter-in-law who, if educated, can earn for the family and if uneducated, can work for the family,” she elaborated in the video.

Speaking about social media, the actor shared that she does not like to put too much thought into what she posts. “Isn’t it beautiful that if you have any thoughts about uploading something, you do so without hesitation?” asked the Baaghi star.

Saba also spoke about her experience working with the late Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan. She explained that she had loved his work since she was a child and that she had always wanted to work on a project with the actor. Recalling her first Eid away from home, on the sets of Hindi Medium in New Dehli, Saba shared a sweet story about her interaction with the actor. “That was my first Eid away from home and I told Irrfan that I wanted Eidi, and he gave me the note you see in the picture. I have that note to this day,” she said while referring to a picture she had uploaded on her Instagram in 2016.

She later added, “ I even said this during an interview, that if I am ever offered an Indian film I would want to work with Irrfan Khan. I was very lucky since the first opportunity I got was with him. And I’ve learned a lot from him.”

After a comment from the host about her seeming happier back in 2016, as far as the actor’s Instagram page is concerned, Saba shared that she has changed a lot over the past few years. Likening her experience in the industry to that of a traveller, Saba shared, “It doesn’t really stay the same. It’s kind of like travelling. The person who is going on the trip and the person who comes back is not the same. You collect a lot of new experiences and memories. That is what life is like.”


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