Tuesday 6 August 2013

Have you seen? First look of Jami’s Moor goes live!

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If the details in Waar’s trailer took you by surprise, then the simplicity of the first look of Moor — film-maker Jami’s first feature film — is going to blow you away.
Released online this week, the teaser of Moor (which means mother in Pashto) heavily relies on visuals accompanied by a soothing score, which is a pleasant change from standard Pakistani practices, as your anticipation of the film builds up, without the story being unveiled.
The trailer comprises scenic shots of the beautiful snow-clad terrain of Muslim Baagh, an area in the vicinity of Qila Saifullah district in Balochistan. One of the most elaborate shots even shows the once existing Zhob Valley Railway (ZVR) in operation with a train easing into the frame as we slowly fade in and out to the highlands.

ZVR has been out of service for quite some time now and like many other railway lines laid during the British era, this one is being removed by the locals and sold as scrap.
This decline of the railways system will play a major part in the film’s story, which sources tell us is about a child’s journey from the outskirts of Quetta to Karachi.
Presented by Azaad films and Mandviwalla Entertainment, the film, which was previously titled Morqaye, will be released at the end of 2013 or early 2014.


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