Saturday 28 December 2013

Yasir Jaswal offers first glimpse into his 'Jalaibee'

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Jalaibee is the first Pakistani film to be directed with an ARRI Alexa HD camera. PHOTO: JALAIBEE FACEBOOK PAGE
KARACHI: The trailer for Pakistani film Jalaibee was released on Wednesday by its director Yasir M Jaswal
The film is being produced under the label of REDRUM Films in association with Jaswal Films and Sermad Films.
Jalaibee mostly features a cast of film-debutants including the likes of the versatile actorAdnan Jafar, Asal Din Khan, Ali Safina, Danish TaimoorUzair Jaswal, and VJ cum modelWiqar Ali KhanZhalay Sarhadi is the only one in the crew to have had past silver screen experience, from her role in Ramchand Pakistani.
The film’s promoters claimed that Jalaibee is the “first of its kind feature film,” being the first Pakistani film to be shot on the ARRI Alexa HD camera. The same camera was used to shoot recent blockbusters such as Gravity, Skyfall, and Ironman 3.
The film promises through its trailer a stylised eye-pleasing visuals, powerful sound design, engaging dialogue and contemporary music.
The 56 second trailer looks extremely promising as it demonstrates the integration between animation and live-action. The trailer also reveals the first ever usage of an American muscle car in a Pakistani film. The shot that starts off right on the horse emblem of the iconic Ford Mustang, promising some fast paced action sequences in the film.
Jalaibee’s soundtrack features about 10 tracks from artists such as Qayyas, Uzair Jaswal and Humaira Arshad, according to the film’s official Facebook page.
Jaswal’s film is about the stories of numerous characters and how they come together.
2013 was an iconic year for Pakistani cinema with productions like Zinda Bhaag getting a nod for Pakistan’s first movie to get the nod for the Oscars. Bilal Lashari’s record breaking film Waar. There were other notable movies like the the critically acclaimed Chambaili, Lamhaa (Seedlings), Josh and the commercial Main Hoon Shahid Afridi and Waar.
However, the trailer for Jalaibee promises that there is something more for Pakistani cinema-goers to look for in the summer of 2014.


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