Saturday 4 January 2014

Ishq Positive: Adeel PK announces his first feature film

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Adeel has been working on productions since he was a teenager, and has recently played an active role as editor of films such as, Bhai Log and Ishq Khuda. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY
Even before he has entered through the gates of Evernew Studio, it is apparent that Adeel Pervaiz Kaleem knows his way around it. Several people greet him with a sense of respect, as his career is keenly followed there. He is working towards bringing a new edge to the old studio with his latest venture Ishq Positive.
“You may remember me as the one who played Shaan’s child in the 2001 film Moosa Khan,” says Adeel, who likes to use Adeel PK to distinguish himself from his father, veteran film writer Pervaiz Kaleem. 25-year-old Adeel, who has both experience and a film legacy to his name, disclosed his plan last week to make his directorial debut, which he will start shooting on January 7 in Lahore.
“Everyone has been giving  their blessings and is really happy, because they know me and how hard I have been working since I was a child, so I suppose there will be a lot more focus on the work I do as well,” says Adeel.
The news of Ishq Positive was first announced at the launch of Raga Boyz’ single Channa, the music video of which is directed by Adeel and features actor Noor Bukhari. The story will centre around two people, who both run away from their respective villages to the city. They are working in the same area and are forced by circumstances to live together. As the story evolves, they eventually develop a romantic relationship. There is a catch however, despite the fact that they are clearly in love, both characters have run away from previous relationships.
Adeel has been working on productions since he was a teenager. Eventually, he began taking on a more active role as film editor in major films such as Bhai Log and Ishq Khuda.
With Ishq Positive, Adeel hopes to shift away from previous experiences and give the industry a film based on comedy — a genre that has been overlooked by the recent boom of films coming out of Pakistan and, according to him, has now been primarily confined to Punjabi stage theatre.
“I myself am the action sort, but I felt that there was already a lot of action taking place in the country, so I have planned a romantic-comedy musical, which will offer people relief and let them enjoy,” he elaborates.
His rise has been relatively slow ever since he entered the industry. Adeel has been involved with local film projects for quite a while now. He has drawn inspiration from people such as Shaan and his own father. He believes that his experience with them has taught him to adapt to the uncertainties that the industry always seems to provide.
“I think in Pakistan, if you learn theory before practical experience, it does not work. You have to be a guerrilla film-maker on many levels because you have to deal with so many things,” says Adeel.
Ishq Positive stars Wali Hamid Ali Khan of the Raga Boyz, who is making his way slowly into Pakistan’s entertainment industry, both as a singer and an actor who recently made his debut in a Punjabi film. Noor Bukhari will be returning to the silver screen for her role as a female lead in the film. Javed Sheikh will also play a significant role in the film, which has been written and directed by Adeel.
The music for the film was completed during the pre-production phase. The soundtrack will feature music by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and the Raga Boyz, along with Indian artistes Shreya Goshal and Sunidhi Chauhan.


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