Thursday 2 October 2014

Dolby Atmos: From movie to home theatre

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Operation 021 will be the first Pakistani film to be mixed and released in Dolby Atmos. PHOTO: PUBLICITY
Having revolutionised the sound experience in cinemas over the last two years, Dolby Atmos technology will now foray into the home entertainment space with its latest technology. Cinephiles will now be able to experience “all-around sound” within the comfort of their living room.
At a specially organised sneak peak in Mumbai, Dolby unveiled their home theatre AV receivers, which are already available in the market, reported IANS. Customers can now walk into any Yamaha, Pioneer or Onkyo stores around the world to buy Dolby Atmos-certified amplifiers or AV receivers.
With Dolby Atmos at Home, people will be able to set up their own “realistic entertainment experience” without the hassle of upgrading their speakers, except when opting for greater performance or Blu-ray players with HDMI spec 1.4.
In Atmos for cinemas, the speakers are attached to the ceiling for the best cinematic experience. But this is not the case with Atmos designed for home use. Instead of placing speakers on the ceiling, the Atmos home entertainment device, with its processing, allows upward-firing drivers in regular stand-mounted speakers to bounce sound off the ceiling.
Transformers: Age of Extinction was the first film to be available on Blu-Ray on Atmos Home entertainment.The upcoming Pakistani spy-thriller Operation O21 is the first Pakistani film to be mixed on Dolby Atmos. “We are proud to have an official license to get our film mixed and released on Dolby Atmos. This is not only a big achievement on its own, but also a huge leap for Pakistani cinema at large,” Azaan Sami Khan, the film’s producer, told The Express Tribune.
The Dolby Atmos devices for home usage are still not in Pakistan and only a few cinemas in the Punjab circuit support Dolby Atmos releases.


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