Thursday 22 December 2016

Hamza Ali Abbasi holds debate on the ban on Bollywood

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With all the hue and cry over the ban on Bollywood, whether it should be lifted or not, we knew it wouldn’t be long before a few of our proactive celebs joined the discussion and began sharing their views. One such star who is always ready speak his mind out is Hamza Ali Abbasi, hence, it was expected that he would be voicing his opinions over the issue soon.

However, the actor this time around did not turn to social media and instead took up the topic on his show on Bol TV. And we have to admit, the idea of holding the debate to discuss the issue was a smart move.
In this regard, Hamza called up Syed Noor, a Pakistani film director based in Lahore. Here’s what Syed Noor had to say:
“It doesn’t look good if we do what they do. It will simply mean that there is no difference between them and us,” stated Syed Noor. “Indian films were showcased here when cinemas were made, so it is their movies that revived or cinema. However, I don’t think we still need Indian movies as our own films can do better business."
When asked by Hamza, how it is expected for cinema owners to earn when Pakistani movies churned out every year are not enough to sustain cinema houses, Syed Noor responded:
“Put up Indian movies if you want. But the fact is not all Indian movies did good business except for those with the Khan’s of Bollywood,” he explained. “My question is why don’t you give Pakistani movies the peak time in cinemas? We are not scared of Indian films, we just feel our movies shouldn’t be given less importance.”
Furthermore, a debate was held on the show moderated by Hamza, which included an argument for the ban, and against the ban.
Hamza ended the dialogue with what seemed like a stance towards the ban being lifted. According to the Pyarey Afzal star, it is our own people who come to watch Indian movies, so it doesn’t make sense if a ban is implemented.
“Pakistani’s will rush to watch Dangal once it’s on the cinema screens,” stated Hamza. “We should work on improving our movies and win an audience for ourselves,” he concluded.


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