Thursday 22 December 2016

Syed Noor calls the lift on Bollywood ban 'unpatriotic'

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With actors and directors across the border, as well as home welcoming the decision of Pakistani exhibitors lifting the ban on Bollywood movies, it seems that there is one person in particular who is not at all happy with this latest development.

Syed Noor, a renowned film maker and Chairman of the Pakistan Film Producers Association, recently, criticised Pakistani exhibitors' decision to lift the ban on Bollywood films. Noor was one of the few people who kept the film industry alive in the 90s by continuing to produce and direct films under low budgets.
According to a leading daily, the well-known director was quite upset with the whole scenario and said,
"It’s a commercial move devoid of any patriotism. When the government has officially banned the Indian content why are the exhibitors not realising this fact. There is no uniform policy. I want to know who put a ban on the screening of Indian movies and who lifted it?”
Post-Uri attacks, tensions between the two countries resulted in the decision of the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association putting a ban on Pakistani artists and technicians from working in India. In retaliation our exhibitors decided to stop screening Indian films, a decision that did not work in our favour. The cinema houses lost millions of rupees and employees were laid off as there was no revenue coming in. Even the local releases failed to attract large audiences.
The exhibitors had no choice but to lift the self-imposed ban after a gap of two months. The first Indian movie screening at the cinemas is Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer Freaky Ali.


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