Thursday 16 March 2017

'Jhol' starring Urwa Hocane & Ali Azmat is all set to take us on an entertaining ride!

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Listen up people, here’s bringing you one more treat for Eid- Urwa Hocane and Ali Azmat starrer Jhol is all set to release on Eid-ul-fitr and this situational comedy is surely going to give you a hefty dose of laughter. And with the hilarious first look revealed , we're guessing Jhol will have much more to offer than just Urwa Hocane hanging with a branch and landing on top of Ali's head.

Imagine Ali Azmat playing an ayaash cop- Yes, he certainly looks the part very well and as far as we know from his acting stint in Pal Do Pal (we aren’t even recalling Waar) Ali certainly has a knack for acting- he just needs the right direction. And Shahid Shafaat is a capable man to get everything going.
Jhol is a situational comedy with a romantic and action angle to it. The star cast including big names like Urwa Hocane, Ali Azmat and Saleem Mairaj along with Nausheen Shah and Bilal Ashraf, certainly raises expectations and since the storyline would be based on an ayaash cop, some low IQ terrorists and everything goody-good in life, Jhol is certainly something to look forward to this Eid. It sounds like something we'd be able to relate to.
One more thing, we perhaps would get to see Ayesha Omar in a desi avataar in Jhol for a dance number as well.

According to Hamza Ansari, the producer, “Jhol is a very *awami film. It has awami dialogues that will ring well with the audience and since our actors were very synced throughout the movie, everything has come out great.” He further added,” *Jhol will make it good in the multiplexes based on its merit, this is one thing we’re confident about. We’re playing the underdogs at the moments but expectations from Jhol are more than just being good enough.”
The teaser trailer for Jhol will be released on the 15th of April and the movie is expected to release worldwide on Eid-ul-fitr.


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