Thursday 16 March 2017

Zulfikar Sheikh talks about his upcoming film 'Sacch-The Truth'

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Zulfikar Sheikh, the name which gave the Pakistan drama industry hits like Des Pardes and Ansoo, is now planning to conquer the silver screen with his upcoming movie Sacch- the truth.
The movie stars Danish Taimoor and Humayun Ashraf in lead roles and will introduce Elysee to the big screen with a major project. The first look of the movie has been released and it looks bigger and better than all. The poster for Sacch is deep and focuses on a tagline- love feels like heaven but hurts like hell and it left us guessing for more.
And so to settle your curiosity HIP brings you an exclusive insight into the movie, directly from the maker himself.
Here’s what Zulfikar Sheikh told HIP about Sacch-The Truth.
Sacch might be a love story, featuring a triangle, but it goes deep within. There is more to the movie than just being a love story. This movie will depict love from different angles, not just the type which exists between a man and a woman,“ Zulfikar told HIP.
The movie revolves around the prince and the pauper situation where one man is living the life of another.
Sacch will be based on a period of 25 years and how different happenings connect the gap from 25 years back to the life today. The story will show how three different mothers stand up for their rights and come forward in the society,” Zulfikar added further.
“The movie doesn’t have anything to do with women empowerment but Sacch will definitely show women in a very positive light. The screenplay for the movie has been done by Kumud Chaudhry from across the border, while Hasina Moeen has penned down the dialogues. These women of stature have put life into my story. I believe in women power, having a strong wife and three beautiful daughters of my own, I am all in favour of women and their strength and so my movie has been scripted to show them as they are, strong, fierce and loyal.”
According to the makers, “Sacch has a very substantial plot, its unique, very different and something that hasn’t been explored yet. In an era of rom-coms, road films and pure commercial movies, Sacch will dare to be different because it has a very significant message to give.”
"Sacch is a big budgeted film that will come across as a film on screen. There isn’t any drama like quality about Sacch," stressed Zulfikar while talking to HIP.
He added, "The movie is a musical extravaganza. We have paid much attention to each and every detail and have endeavoured to bring to you a movie which can equally rival any Yash Chopra or Karan Johar’s movie. It took about two years to construct the script because we wanted it to be everything perfect.”
Sacch-the truth will feature 6 songs the lyrics of which have been written by Gulzaar and music arranged by Simaab Sen.
No release date has yet been finalised but it is scheduled to hit the screens in 2017 only.
Seems like we’re in for a big surprise with this Danish Taimoor, Humayun Ashraf and Elysee starrer fantasy and musical extravaganza.


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