Thursday 21 September 2017

Mohay Rung De from Abu Aleeha's 'Arifa' is out now

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Mohay Rung De from Abu Aleeha's directorial debut Arifa just came out and the song reminds us of something we've heard before. Tapping somewhat into the soulful genre, Mohay Rung De, will click with listeners who like listening to slow music that's not entirely classic.

Sajid Abbas seems like a potential singer but we'd like to listen to him trying more mainstream songs before we can form a decision as to whether he does soul classic better or if rock, pop or folk are his forte.

The music arrangement by Ali Allahditta has come out as rather plain; not easy but plain. We've heard and liked songs with simple arrangements before but this one comes off as something that's entirely flat and therefore does not gel well with Sajid Abbas's voice at all. The music-vocal chemistry is somewhat amiss in Mohay Rung De and that's what holds us back from immediately falling for the track.

The problem with Mohay Rung De is the fact that this song does not have a good recall value. With lyrics that run deep and hard, recalling the song will be a bit difficult for everybody. For a song to be able to hit the listeners right in the feels, it needs to be easy, with a good recall value. Even Makkay Gaya from the film Saawan taps the classic genre, and yet has a recall value that rings well with the listeners.

All in all, Mohay Rung De from Arifa is a fine listen, if one enjoys slow soulful music. Sajid Abbas stands out with his voice but its the composition that drowns his voice.


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