Saturday 23 September 2017

How we react defines our own character; Ali Zafar and others speak in support of Mahira Khan!

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Almost everyone has an opinion regarding Mahira Khan’s latest picture with Ranbir Kapoor, where the two are spotted smoking together.

From the length of her dress, to the cigarette in her hand, people have been quick to judge Mahira Khan and bash her with their opinions.

While the slut shaming isn't stopping anytime soon, the film fraternity has decided to take a stand for Mahira khan and show their support for the actress. Many of our celebs took to their social media today to shun people’s opinion and show the society the double standards it has.

Ali Zafar won hearts all over with his beautiful yet deep words on Instagram to show his support for Mahira khan

We love how united the industry stands for their fellow star. Regardless of what Mahira was up to, its none of anybody's business to comment on what she does as an individual.

Will Mahira Khan reply to these hateful comments? The star is yet to break her silence on this matter, till then peace out guys. Live and let live!


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