Friday 14 September 2018

Is This For Real? Meera Praises Mahira Khan!

02:21 By Lollywood Online

It seems that the Lollywood star was so impressed by Mahira, that she too paid a visit to under-privileged children

Miracles never cease to occur! At least that's what we had to say when Meera, who has never shied away from bashing Mahira Khan, in her latest tweet praised Mahira. But what exactly happened that made Meera have a change of heart? Well read along to find out.

But before we get in to the latest news, let's recap a bit to last year where she made no secret of retaliating against the praises and endorsement that Mahira was receiving from the media. “The trend of promoting Mahira Khan should end, there are other actors in the industry too,” once said Meera.

Fast forward to this year and Meera has a change of heart due to Mahira lending her support to the Afghan refugee children. As she herself tweeted:

Having been inspired so much by the two leading ladies, Meera herself immediately got down to doing some good deeds of her own too!

Now where we can say that Meera was copying Mahira and trying to steal a bit of the limelight, right there we rather take the positive approach and state that it is always good to take inspiration from one another and help those in need.

Both Mahira and Meera are Pakistan's assets and if they choose to work together to help under-privileged kids live a better life then there's no better collaboration!


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