Thursday 14 February 2019

Reema Khan and Shaan Shahid Are Reuniting For A Film

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 Although the Pakistani cinema has all but revived and TV actors are busying themselves by appearing in movies, the truth of the matter is that they all lack that star power which actors like Shaan and Reema used to posses. Watching them on the big screen was a delight because these stars were larger than life and just knew how to lure in the audience.

Ever since Punjabi films stopped being produced, we missed Shaan and Reema on screen. However, our wish to see the magical two on screens is perhaps coming true. Both Shaan and Reema are ready to reunite on the big screen and create the same magic they made in films like Bulandi , Chakori and Aag to name a few .

According to sources it seems the duo will be appearing in a film as announced by the actor / director himself through his social media where he posted a shadowed picture of himself and Reema using the caption 2020 and a film camera logo attached with it.

So how do we know its Reema? Well it was Shaan's wife Amina Bandey who tagged the actress in the comment box below confirming the fact that they were pairing up once again

News has it that Shaan might not be at the director's seat for this one and we for one can't wait to learn more about this project as Shaan and Reema are our all time favourite actors and to see them on the big screen again would be nothing short of a treat.


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