Tuesday 12 February 2019

Pinky Memsaab Gets Selected For The 21st UK Asian Film Festival

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While the major part of Pakistani film industry is thriving on commercial films. right there from time to time it is important to move away from a typical masala flick and make something which is artistic and makes the audiences think for a bit . Now where Pinky Memsaab upon its release may not have enjoyed such a fantastic run it has officially been selected for the UK Asian Film Festival which we are very happy to hear about.

Taking to the social media, the team announced the news and were naturally thrilled about it. Appearing as a closing night film on 6th April 2019, the movie will also be showing in Leicester, Edinburgh and Manchester.

In an earlier conversation with BBC Urdu, director and writer Shazia Ali Khan said, "Basically the story is about two women which is a crime in Pakistan, as it is a totally female-centric film and the two form a strange bond with one another. The young girl comes from a village in Punjab and lands in Dubai to work as a maid in the house of an investment banker, both are Pakistani. Now in the older generation there was defined line between a servant and a master but the new generation is confused and that line has become grey so the problems which come with this mindset, the accepting yet not accepting element is what the film will explore."

Hajra Yamin and Kiran Malik, we would like to congratulate the entire team on such brilliant news and wish them all the very best for the UK Asian Film Festival.


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