Thursday 22 August 2019

Are Pakistani Films Rising?

Are Pakistani Films Rising? Pakistan has come a long way since it has started making movies. Some movies paved way for the Cinema growth and most significant ones were Na Maloom Afrad, Jawani Phir nhi ani and Karachi Sey Lahore when people really started to believe that we should go to the cinema, now from those movies up till now we got gradual up-gradation in Frames, Cinematography, Actors get ups, and set ups but one thing is continued to be neglected is Screenplay where Bollywood once used to make trash screenplays and cringe worthy content but had changed their game of Screenplays completely, we need that excellence of our dramas scripts and excellence of Hollywood screenplays , which Bollywood strove for.

People who recently visited cinema for the latest three films said that everything was perfect, they perfectly played with colour pallets in the picture, the frames were perfect, the locations were breathtakingly beautiful and the setups were huge the get ups were stunningly beautiful but what do film makers expect from us to keep our brains at home? Some of the Cinema goers said that, you manage to produce high-quality dramas with strong content but you cannot simply produce one good movie a year in terms of content.

They say if we can make good dramas, good films may also be produced, dont make films in hassle make them with brain. Paray Hut Love and Superstar were perfect minus the screen play says public but why did they gross well people want to see cinema and if our producers are of the view that bollywood movies should remain banned forever they must try to make good films, this year viewers missed both Humayun Saeed and Nabeel Qureshi's films, they come up with all the essentials or if they dont have that, they don't even come.

They should take a bow at least they don't fool public, so far it happened. To criticize constructively doesn't mean we are haters, or blogging is just done out of hate, No it is not like that criticism means to tell them to fix the problems to grow well as Hareem did it after parchi which was a disaster, she came up with Heer Maan Ja, which is for sure way better than previous one.

Well Khalil ul Rehman Qamar's movie Kaaf kangna is releasing in October, the cast includes Sami Khan, Ishal and Neelum Munir and we have high expectations in terms of Screenplay. Humayun Saeed has also hired Khalil ul Rehman and Vasay Chauhdary for his upcoming film. Nabeel Qureshi also tweeted to fans that soon our new project will be revealed.

The Audiences crave for the good script even if the production is low at quality, great examples are Siyaah, Shah, Motorcycle Girl, Laal Kabootar. Na Maloom Afraad and Karachi Sey Lahore they were not extravagant with budget. We urge producers to please hire professional writers for films not just some new people who experiment with them at least hire the drama writers.

We really want to see cinema growing but with grace we don't want it to be taken over by foolish minds as once it was taken over by gandaasa culture.

Article Author: Sidra Ijaz 

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