Saturday 31 August 2019

Chairman Sindh Censor Board to Take Strict Action For Films Screened Without Censor

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This Eid ul Azha four films ,including three Pashto and one Punjabi, were illegally screened in various cinemas of Sindh. When this came in the knowledge of the Chairman Sindh Censor Board Khalid Bin Shaheen, strict action was taken. Legal notice have been sent to these cinemas and the Secretary Cultural ministry was also apprised on this action.

Talking to another channel, Chairman Sindh censor board Khalid Bin Shaheen revealed:

 “We have a very strong board and we have taken this very seriously.We have issued legal notice. We have asked to seal these cinemas and ban them Moreover distributors of these films are blacklisted. We have begun to probe into the matter.

” A meeting was also set with the cultural ministry and the chairman assured that they will be dealing with this matter with an iron hand. When asked that this kind of illegal screening has taken place before as well yet no action was taken.Why so?

“This has happened for the first time during my tenure. This is why we have taken this matter very seriously.

Even if the Pashto films were given approval from KPK, which is not in my knowledge, and they are assuming that by-passing the 18 amendment they won’t get the films censored from Sindh board then we will handle this very seriously.” Talking about the legal repercussion an illegal screening has he informed that as per law they can be sentenced to jail for up to 3 years and a fine of RS 1 Lacs.

 “We have begun proceeding on this matter legally as well.”


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