Saturday 31 August 2019

Sana Fakhar will play SP Chaudhry Aslam's wife in upcoming biopic

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After the funny Wrong Number 2 Sana Fakhar is joining a film with a very different vibe.

The actor is currently shooting for upcoming film Chaudhry: The Martyr, a film based on the life of SP Chaudhry Aslam. Fakhar will be playing the wife of the SP.

Speaking to Images, she revealed that her decision to join the film was when she saw how "Impactful" the character was.

"After working [in the industry] for so long, I'm in that stage where I need to focus on my scripts which should be meaningful for me as an actor," said Sana. "The character I have in Chaudhry has a lot of variation. Being an actor with experience, it's difficult to find something that challenges me."

"I also joined the film when I learned that this is based on a true events. I love the thought of playing a real character and showing a story like that... There are very few films that are female oriented or give women a meaty role. This film has a strong female character and raises many points revolving around that ."

SP Mohammad Aslam Khan, better known as Chaudhry Aslam, was known as Karachi's toughest cop. With 30 years of service in the Karachi police, he was known as a symbol of success for many. He was assassinated in January 2014.

 About the rest of the cast, Fakhar said, "We have Shamoon [Abbasi] and Yasir Hussain but we also have folks who aren't actors and are playing real people."

Fakhar is referring to Tariq Islam, a DSP who carried many raids alongside Chaudhry Aslam himself, who is taking on the role of the titular character.

 "This is a serious movie which touches upon many important subjects and shows a different side to the true story we've all heard of."

For now there is no release date for the movie as according to Fakhar, "Right now we're still shooting. I hope it goes well as I'm doing my best. Whatever project I do, I give my 100% and leave the rest to Allah."


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