Friday 30 August 2019

Unapologetic and fierce: The new face of Mahira Khan

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KARACHI: Mahira Khan has always been too cautious. She has always been wary of how she presents herself to the media and public. In fact, she is known to weigh her words before voicing them. Her vigilant personality has always been a part of her persona. However, after working in the industry for almost a decade now and being the centre of numerous uncalled for controversies, Khan feels it’s high time she came out of her shell.

I sat with her ahead of the release of her then upcoming film, Superstar. During our conversation, Khan divulged details on why she decided to address the Firdous Jamal controversy that made headlines, a little over a month ago.

“I thought it was time,” she told The Express Tribune. “I have never made public statements about any controversy or fake news I’ve been made a part of. I’ve never addressed it, it’s just something I don’t do.

My personal life is nobody’s business,” Khan added. “You can write about it, talk about it, do whatever you want about it. But I’m never going to talk about it because it’s mine. The day I wish to speak about it, I will.”

So, why did she decide to speak about the much-discussed Firdous Jamal controversy? “I think it just happened. I think the support overwhelmed me. There were fans and my industry colleagues who stood so strongly for me, that I felt I owed it to them to say something about it,” stated the Raees actor. “And this has happened before as well. However, this time it was on a professional level.”

Khan is aware of the fact that this is not the first time someone from within the industry has taken a dig at her or her career. “Even now, I thought it wasn’t something serious. But when people come out in support of you – people who aren’t your friends – who are just your peers, or your contemporaries – I just wanted to do it,” she continued. “I just never discussed anything before I held my ink pen and found myself a paper and I just wrote and wrote.”

There were three things Khan wanted to highlight in her letter. Firstly, she wanted to thank everyone who came out in her support. Secondly, she unapologetically wanted to say that she will do as she pleases and what she thinks is right. Thirdly, she wanted to urge people to stop picking on each other.

 “We need to stop it. Enough!” Khan mentioned. “Every time I open my Instagram, I see one actor taking a dig at another. Why not focus on our work instead of just pulling each other down? Why call someone out on national television or publicly? Why is that even necessary?” The Verna star then added she wanted to pen her thoughts down because she wanted the note to stay with her forever. And, with her fans too.

“Twenty years down the line, I want this one letter to stay with me. I want my kid to see this. And if someone wants to see this and can relate to it on some level, I hope they find it,” she went on. As we wrapped up the interview and she dispersed into the crowd, that had been anxiously awaiting to catch a glimpse of her, I saw a new Mahira Khan. The fierce and unapologetic one. She has finally arrived.

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