Sunday 29 March 2020

Mahira Khan advising the nation to look out for underprivileged

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As the number of confirmed cases surge, a lockdown has been called for in most parts of the country. People are scared, locked into their houses, and while most of us take this for granted, there are people out there who cannot survive a lockdown.

These people make just enough in a day to feed their families, and for the daily wage earners, paid leave is a concept unknown. Mahira Khan advised the nation to care for the underprivileged and spread awareness so these needy families can survive the nationwide quarantine. She advised that we can all make this time easy for them by allowing them paid leaves and educating them about the virus.

The Superstar actress tweeted: If you are educated, if you can survive a month without work or in a position of power/privilege then this battle is yours more than anyone else’s! “We must take care of those who are not in our position - make them aware, give them paid leaves, make their life easy! #COVID2019.

 We have housemaids, cooks, drivers and other house help that we can reach out, easily. Let's do this, Pakistan!


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