Saturday 13 June 2020

Gohar Rasheed and Faryal Mehmood are working on a film about lockdown

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With the coronavirus being a global pandemic, it was inevitable that the entertainment industry - already affected by it all - would have it as a plot for future productions.

 Pakistan's entertainment industry is working on such a project as well, with Gohar Rasheed and Faryal Mehmood pairing up for a film based on Covid-19.

 Speaking to Images, Gohar revealed, "It's a love story with the backdrop of lockdown and the horrors of Covid-19. The whole world is experiencing it right now.
" According to Rasheed, the movie - titled Lockdown - shows "how a common man get affected by [the coronavirus], how a simple couple gets affected by the horror of Covid-19 and the repercussions of lockdown.

" Faryal added, "I can't talk much about the story, but the name kinda gives it away! It's about a couple suffering through these times and how they overcome their struggles to be with each other in the end. A hope for all of us to ignite in ourselves and others!

" She also shared the film is "being made for Netflix or Amazon." 

The script has been penned by Abida Ahmed, with Abu Aleeha directing the project. Asad Malik will be the director of photography and Mont Blanc will produce 

Gohar adds, "The story is very unique, it's very relatable. The way it's been written, the kind of treatment they're doing... it's never been done before. Abu Aleeha has done a fantastic job on it.

" "It's very real. The concept is very original. It hasn't been attempted before especially in Pakistan. I was completely sold on Abu Aleeha's vision for this film. We're trying our best. I really hope with this project we enter the OTT [streaming service] market.

" There is no release date for Lockdown as of yet since the shoot is still ongoing. We just hope the cast and crew is doing their best to practice social distancing while working!


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