Saturday 13 June 2020

Mahira Khan opens up about the 'Saleem' in her life

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Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan recently appeared in a very candid Live session with celebrity designer HSY. Opening up on a lot of things, she confessed that she has finally found that special someone in her life, other than her son Azlan.

HSY initiated the topic as he confirmed that Mahira is indeed in a relationship, while also revealing the name of the lucky guy as Saleem, albeit through a slight slip-of-tongue. “You are in love now, his name is Saleem,” the couturier said, as Mahira got a bit annoyed at the mention of her beau.

After resisting for some time, she finally let her guard down. HSY asked her, “When you look deep into his eyes, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?”Mahira answered by referencing a line from her super hit show Humsafar. “There’s a line in Humsafar, which I thought was beautiful, where Ashar says to Khirad, ‘Pata nahi tum mujhe kis naiki kay badlay main milli ho (I don’t know what I did to deserve you]. I think the same about Salim. I think the same about him.” she said.

The Superstar actor added that she feels blessed and thankful. “I don’t know what have I done in my life… must have done something good because of which Allah blessed me with…” the actor began before HSY chimed in, “Because of which Allah blessed you with Salim.”

Moving on, Mahira talked about how she may have been rewarded earlier as well with the birth of her son Azlan. “I feel like this for my child too. My child is someone I feel super grateful for. He is the centre of my world, everything revolves around him. But I feel the same way about him, the people I love; that there is something that I must have done right.”

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