Saturday 25 July 2020

Donkey King gets Amazon Prime release in English

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The Donkey King made its name not only as Pakistan's highest grossing animated film but as one of the top grossing Pakistani films ever. 

The 2018 film has also been released in numerous countries such as Spain, Korea, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and so many more - being dubbed in various languages and being a success everywhere. Now it's heading to USA and UK, gearing up for a release on Amazon Prime.

 According to director Aziz Jindani, "The Donkey King's continued global acceptance underscores that when content is built on universal truths and insight,s it can transcend geographies and language."

 "The film has been dubbed in more than 10 languages now and when I watched English version, it was so good, I forgot that the original language was Urdu.

" We can tell that the digital platform release did have to do with the current pandemic, which is rather sad as we're sure the film deserves a theatrical release in USA and UK as it had with other countries. However, we're sure the film will get the appreciation it has been getting.


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