Friday 4 September 2020

Celebrities Speak Up Against the Monsoon Aftermath in Karachi

10:38 By Lollywood Online

Celebrities are using their platforms to raise their voices and speak up about the tragic flooding situation in Karachi.

Among the celebrities speaking out about the lack of initiative being taken to rectify the damage caused by the devastating monsoon spells, which have left the metropolis in a dire state, resulting in tragic urban flooding and infrastructure being reduced to gravel

Using her twitter platform, Mehwish has taken to express her disdain with the authorities, who seem to have no say in the terrible predicament of the city, as thousands suffer, finding themselves homeless while their homes and livelyhoods perish under thunderous clouds. Mehwish voiced her opinion, stating how frustrated she was regarding the circumstances.

 'My anger knows no bounds. How can a modern city like Karachi not have the infrastructure to cope with rain in today’s age? Our suffering over the past few days proves that those responsible need to be held accountable!'

Others who are expressing themselves on social media and grieving the strenous situation are Mashal Khan, whose house was flooded in the rains and Ahsan Khan. The Bandhay Ek Dour Se star took to social media to air his disappointment with the authorities over the devastating impact of the rains in Sindh. As Karachi perished, there was no electricity for days, no clean water, flooded infrastructure and dangerous wires with the threat of electrocution. Draining teams and pumps weren't enough to salvage the situation as people in various areas of Karachi such as Bukhari in Defence Housing Authority, Naya Nazimabad, North Nazimabad, Gulzar-e-Hijri, Gulshan and Clifton Underpass were notably more flooded, for longer periods of time without running water or electricity for over 60 hours. Celebrities aren't standing for it, as protests held by residents of CBC and DHA at the Cantonment Board are not subsiding, and the citizens of Karachi are rightfully enraged.

Ayesha Omar is another public figure who has spoken out against the lack of accountability for the problematic monsoon consequences. Not only have celebrities used their influential platforms to call for the authorities to take responsibility and bring about change, but they have made it evident that looking at Karachi currently, we find our hearts breaking as we grieve. With sewage waste, collapsed homes, dangerous circuits and broken roads, the monsoon system does not seem to yet be over, according to the Privincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), who have issued a forecast for this coming week.

We can only hope for action to be taken in order to avoid a disastrous outcome in the future, with prominent figures in the industry calling for the justice Karachiites are awaiting.


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