Thursday 8 July 2021

Why Shahroz Sabzwari decided to marry Sadaf Kanwal

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It hasn't been an easy road for lovebirds Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari ever since the couple made headlines for their courtship and later, marriage, last year. The couple, whose romance made the rounds on social media back in 2019, tied the knot one year later in an intimate affair. While many accused Shahroz of cheating on his former wife, Syra Yousuf, the Chain Aye Na star had maintained he got romantically involved with Sadaf once he and Syra had filed for divorce.

Recently, in a tete-a-tete with Nida Yasir, the couple opened up about their relationship and how they met for the first time. Speaking about how Shahroz came to know about Sadaf, the actor shared he knew about his now-wife when she was at the prime of her modelling career.

"Her Instagram feed has always been gorgeous. We met once or twice at an event or an opening," he shared. The duo then met for rehearsals of an award show. They then flew to Norway for the event. "That's where our love story began," the supermodel shared. "Is that where the cupid struck?" Nida chimed in. To which Sadaf laughed, "Sherry [Shahroz] absolutely felt it."

Talking about what attracted him towards Sadaf, Shahroz remarked, "I was going through a very difficult time in my life and then meeting someone like Sadaf, who is so pure that you can't help but get attracted to her. We don't have to exaggerate about this."

He added, "I had honest intentions of marrying Sadaf." The actor added that the phase he was going through at that time, he "didn't want to stay a bachelor." Shahroz continued, "I am a religious person. Our religion asks us to refrain from a lot of things and I try to stay away from it. There is so much we aren't permitted to do [in Islam], but if we get married, they become beautiful."

Shahroz then remarked that he shared his feelings with Sadaf. "I told her that there would be no drama, this [marriage] is what I want to do." The actor clarified that he communicated his thoughts when the two returned from Norway. "We had this conversation when we had come back from Norway. We were only friends back then but we had clicked," he said.

When Nida inquired what qualities Shahroz saw in Sadaf as his wife, the former replied, "Purity. Even when we were in Norway, for everyone she was Sadaf Kanwal, the supermodel, who was always glammed up but I could see it. I think when there's a higher power at play, things work out. It was put in my heart by the Almighty, and I always saw a life partner in her."

He mentioned, "You can ask her about this, I told her how I wanted to marry her. I told her I work in the industry and being a bachelor, it's not easy to stay on the right path. We are answerable to our God in the afterlife. You earn Halal, you keep a Halal relationship."

The couple tied the knot in the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown in a very private gathering. Sadaf had always wanted a small wedding. Meanwhile, Shahroz asked for people’s prayers. He added, "We tied the knot in a minimal setting, as have other several renowned personalities, with a presence of 70 to 80 people only."

Previously, while talking about the trolling, Shahroz had stated, "We never really cared."

Sadaf echoed her husband’s sentiments saying, "We laugh at all the enmity; it had no impact on us. Do you think, now that you are looking at me, that I have been affected? I have a loving husband so these things do not affect me. I really don't care about the backlash that we received on our wedding since such incidents have also happened in the past."

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