Friday 2 July 2021

Full of gratitude: Mahira Khan's ten years in the entertainment industry

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It hasn't been an easy journey for Pakistan's arguably most famous superstar Mahira Khan. The VJ turned actor has recently completed ten years of her acting career. Khan's first two acting projects, her debut film Bol and first-ever drama serial Neeyat, released on the same date ten years ago. Since then, she has never looked back.

The Humsafar star took to Instagram and bowed her head with gratitude as she thanked her fans for immense love and support. "So, I completed 10 years in this industry as an actor two days back. My film Bol and my drama serial Neeyat released on the same day on the 24th of June 2011," Khan penned, adding, "I bow my head in gratitude to all of you - for this magical journey I’ve had and continue to have."

She further added, "There have been many ups and downs, there have been moments of feeling broken and alone, and moments of feeling elated but my fans have been there rock-solid, behind me. My constant. I am so grateful for the love. I promise to work harder, I promise to give back. I promise that your love won’t go in vain. So much love, always.

In the video, Khan narrates, "I think you see your life in an isolated form. You cannot say that I have worked hard for something today, so I will see the results of it the same day. It's a lifelong process and somewhere along the road, God blesses you and He has blessed me with their [fans] love

She added, "I think the good in us; the successful person in us is basically equal to all our resolved issues. And I feel, I’ve always felt that the everything bad in us, the person who prevents us from really living equals to all our unresolved issues."

Many fellow actors extended love and support to the Verna actor. The likes of Ayeza Khan, Sohai Ali Abro, Mansha Pasha, Aijaz Aslam, Ayesha Omar, Ali Kazmi, Aisha Khan, Nida Yasir, Nadia Hussain among others commented on her post, congratulating the actor on completing a decade in the showbiz industry.

Khan's fruitful career has seen many highs. From walking the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival to strutting the runway at Paris Fashion Week, the Raees star has seen it all. One of her career milestones was working with Bollywood's King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan in Raees as her debut project in Bollywood.

After a year of acting, Khan has decided to don the producer's hat with her first-ever production - a web series. The actor partnered with Nina Kashif to produce Barwaan Khiladi, which revolved around "friendships, relationships, unity, failure, success, love, and courage."

Earlier, speaking to Mira Sethi, the Humsafar star talked about dreams and her time in the entertainment industry. “Nobody tells you that there’s always that one challenge or price attached with a certain dream you wish for the most. Certainly, these hurdles came along the way when I started my journey with a bag full of dreams," she had said.

Lastly, the actor revealed why being a part of this industry has always helped her grow and heal from situations in her life. "I always had this work, industry as my backbone. I always thought what I do today will be fruitful tomorrow. I feel like I can never leave because it never left me, kept me striving for better days.

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