Monday 6 July 2020

Doppelganger alert: Mahira Khan lookalike spotted on Insta

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We’ve all heard the age-old anecdote that there are seven people around the world that share the same face, but the chances of running into one are next to none. However, it seems like our celebs are in for some surprises as many of their lookalikes are popping up on social media! A few weeks back, an Iqra Aziz lookalike was spotted all the way in Lebanon. And now Mahira Khan has one, albeit much closer – the girl is here in Pakistan!

Kurasah Anwer, a lifestyle blogger on Instagram, has an uncanny resemblance to the Superstar actor and isn’t afraid of flaunting it! While she doesn’t go out of her way to mimic Mahira just by virtue of her looks, she has an understated glam to her - just like Mahira.

From the perfect pout to the shy, yet piercing glare, Kurasah’s features are much like Mahira’s but she has her own charm too. It is refreshing because it’s obvious that she isn’t trying hard to look like Mahira… she just does naturally!

Here’s the eeriest part – you don’t even need side by side comparisons every time to spot the resemblance between the two. From what we gather, if Kurasah were to catch our eye out of the blue, we might just stop and ask for a picture thinking its Mahira… and that’s saying something!

Many of her 15.9k followers on Instagram have already spotted the similarities between the two and many of her pictures routinely seem to garner comments ranging from, “OMG you look like Mahira Khan... For a second I got confused!” and “I thought she is Mahira Khan!” 

Are you seeing what we and 15,000 other people are seeing? We hope so! 

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