Saturday, 25 March 2017

Mira Sethi signs on to 'Saat Din Mohabbat In'

Here's another performance we're itching to see in Saat Din Mohabbat In.
Meenu and Farjad's upcoming rom-com starring Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui will also feature Mira Sethi in a comedic role.
"I'm playing a British-Punjabi character," she reveals to Images. "It's a comic role. When I read the script I 'lol-ed' silently to myself: veering from Punjabi to BBCD British English is a funny sight to behold. There aren't too many comedic roles written for women, so this was an "AHA!" moment. The writing for my character is terrific."
She adds, "It's not your run-of-the-mill "village" Punjabi, think of a Bradford-tinged accent, so playing with that will be interesting,"
And how is Mira prepping to step into the shoes of her British-Punjabi character?
"I've been watching bits and pieces of reality TV about Pakistanis living in Bradford--there are some funny YouTube videos out there," she tells us.
Saat Din Mohabbat In, scripted by Fasih Bari Khan, follows a young man on a quest to find his true love in a crowded Karachi neighbourhood. Like all good love stories, he will encounter obstacles, both spiritual and physical, that he must overcome in order to achieve his goals.

Reasons to look forward for Punjab Nahi Jaungi

Whether it’s a romance, comedy or action, Lollywood has ensured to cover all genres this year! With so many movies lined up, it is hard to keep a count. However, there are some that have recently become the talk of the town for several reasons and Punjab Nahi Jaongi is one of them.
Here are a few reasons why you should actually look forward to Punjab Nahi Jaongi
1. Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat are back

Yup, that’s correct. After their mind blowing performance and chemistry in the famous drama Dil Lagi, the duo is going to be back on screen again and we cannot wait for them to sweep us off our feet by their performance.
2. Star studded cast
The duo isn’t the only highlight of the upcoming film - Urwa Hocane and Ahmed Ali Butt to name but a few are part of the extraordinary movie cast. Such talented people under one banner = amazing!
3. Nadeem Baig is back on set again
The man behind some of the most applauded TV dramas; Pyaray Afzal, Dil Lagi, Ladies Park, Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat, Takkay Ki Ayegi Baraat, Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat and giving a blockbuster Jawani Phir Nahi Ani as his debut, we’re well over confident that this will be much greater hit.
4. Made in Pakistan
Pakistan has been the recent preference of filmmakers when it comes to shooting and there is every reason to and this feature film is no different - all the sequences of this film have been shot in Pakistan only and we are quite excited to see what all new places have they explored.
5. Khalil ur Rehman Qamar's storytelling
After his massively applauded TV drama hit Sadqey Tumhare which according to him was based on events inspired by his life, everyone is positive that the script of this movie will also be an out of this world experience which will take the viewers on a roller coaster of emotions.
With the teaser releasing soon, we cannot wait for the movie to set the cinemas of Pakistan abuzz upon its release. Definitely one to look out for.

Sahir Lodhi's 'Raasta' has a new release date!

Yesterday we received the uneventful news of Sahir Lodhi’s production and starrer movie Raasta to have been postponed for an indefinite period of time after the movie had to go through heavy censoring of its scenes.
However, it seems like the makers have now settled their internal and external disputes, technical problems and all other issues with the censor board cutting down 11 massive scenes from the movie. And so we have a new date.
According to a recent public conference and press release issued by the filmmakers, Raasta the movie will be released by its distribution club on March 30th, 2017.
Raasta will mark the debut for Sahir Lodhi on the Pakistani cinema screens. The movie will also feature Aijaz Aslam and Naveed Raza in prominent roles while Sana Fukher and Shamoon Abbasi will also be seen in the movie. Raasta also features a tantalising item number by Mathira titled “Pi Ley” and a romantic song from Rahat Fateh Ali Khan along with three other tracks in the movie.
So yes people, you have 7 more days to plan ahead for Raasta. Whether you’re going for advance bookings or not; let us know with your comments.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Syed Noor wants to "bring back dignified films to the Lollywood"

Syed Noor has confirmed that he has cast Shabnam alongside Nadeem Baig in his upcoming film, Aina 2
The filmmaker revealed that plans for his film are set in motion with the two veteran actors on board.
"Shabnam Sahiba is back and we welcome her. I met her a few times, when I was on shoots in Karachi," said the director. "We also met at Nadeem Sab's home. We all ended up discussing Aina 2 there. We got an old producer friend on board. We felt that this must happen and I want to make it with Shabnam Sahiba and Nadeem Sab."
Syed Noor wants to take this film with a different angle. According to him, "The film shows a later stage in life and we're hoping to incorporate some flashbacks and introduce new actors."
The filmmaker hopes to make a positive impact from this movie on the film industry. Says Noor, "We want to bring back dignified films to the Pakistan film industry so that our new generations can learn from it all. Maybe we'll be able to bring new and improved entertainment to Pakistan."
No dates have been announced for Aina 2 as of yet.

I didn’t do Balu Mahi to become eye-candy: Sadaf Kanwal


It’s a longstanding belief that in modelling, you have to look your absolute best in front of the camera at all times. When it comes to acting, however, the more vulnerable and imperfect it is, the better.
Perhaps, that’s why, not a lot of models make good actors, Charlize Theron and Channing Tatum being mere exceptions. With Pakistan’s entertainment industry being vastly different and smaller as compared to Hollywood, we often see our celebrities transition into other mediums every once in a while. And some going from television dramas to films, do succeed. Case in point: Mahira Khan.
Similarly, Sadaf Kanwal recently made her acting debut as Sharmeen Mukhtiyar, opposite Osman Khalid Butt and Ainy Jaffri in Haissam Hussain’s Balu Mahi. While her performance received a lot of praise, many thought her character was controversial because, frankly, it wasn’t one of the typical, female victim. Some might even argue Sadaf was presented as eye candy while Ainy and Osman did all the hard work.
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But the accomplished model is not worried about her detractors, claiming that everyone is entitled to their opinion. “I did not take up this film to portray myself as just another piece of eye-candy,” she told The Express Tribune. “It was the spiciness and wit behind Sharmeen’s character that I gravitated towards. It gave me room to be creative with my acting and expressions. Hence, my role was loved by all in the end.”
Nonetheless, there is always the assumption that models are cast in acting roles primarily because they are easy on the eyes. Sadaf believes that was not the case for her in Balu Mahi. “No, it’s not about the looks, all the time,” she stated. “Yes, it would give you a good space on the screen but there would be no longevity in one’s acting career then.”
The debutant actor says she has grown up with actors and it’s the art behind the craft that makes her want to pursue acting. “It’s not that ‘Oh, I’m so pretty, I’ll look so good in this character.’ That won’t get me anywhere. And again, opting for Balu Mahi was solely because I wanted to experience that bubbliness of Sharmeen on screen and explore the acting arena,” Sadaf said.
The budding starlet is glad her performance has garnered positive reviews. According to her, she had been quite nervous about it. “The fact the character was a bit out of the box and yet, gathered such an amazing response really surprised and motivated me.”
Beside the positive reviews from peers and audiences alike, it’s important for a performer to feel confident and satisfied with what they do. About her transition from modeling to acting, Sadaf said, “It was difficult at first but not entirely. I have grown up watching movies and idolising actors so I would say it was more exciting than difficult for me.”
Nonetheless, Sadaf admitted she was not that comfortable at first. “I swear, if you had asked me this before Balu Mahi, I would have said, ‘Getting there, day by day.’ But, after so much guidance and support from everyone. I feel very comfortable now.”
But even with new doors opening for her, Sadaf hasn’t switched sides completely. “I want to remain focused in both acting and modelling. The latter is more like my forte; I love doing it and I’m proud to say I’m good at it,” she quipped. “However, I do want to be remembered as an actor in the long run.”

Zulfikar Sheikh talks about his upcoming film 'Sacch-The Truth'

Zulfikar Sheikh, the name which gave the Pakistan drama industry hits like Des Pardes and Ansoo, is now planning to conquer the silver screen with his upcoming movie Sacch- the truth.
The movie stars Danish Taimoor and Humayun Ashraf in lead roles and will introduce Elysee to the big screen with a major project. The first look of the movie has been released and it looks bigger and better than all. The poster for Sacch is deep and focuses on a tagline- love feels like heaven but hurts like hell and it left us guessing for more.
And so to settle your curiosity HIP brings you an exclusive insight into the movie, directly from the maker himself.
Here’s what Zulfikar Sheikh told HIP about Sacch-The Truth.
Sacch might be a love story, featuring a triangle, but it goes deep within. There is more to the movie than just being a love story. This movie will depict love from different angles, not just the type which exists between a man and a woman,“ Zulfikar told HIP.
The movie revolves around the prince and the pauper situation where one man is living the life of another.
Sacch will be based on a period of 25 years and how different happenings connect the gap from 25 years back to the life today. The story will show how three different mothers stand up for their rights and come forward in the society,” Zulfikar added further.
“The movie doesn’t have anything to do with women empowerment but Sacch will definitely show women in a very positive light. The screenplay for the movie has been done by Kumud Chaudhry from across the border, while Hasina Moeen has penned down the dialogues. These women of stature have put life into my story. I believe in women power, having a strong wife and three beautiful daughters of my own, I am all in favour of women and their strength and so my movie has been scripted to show them as they are, strong, fierce and loyal.”
According to the makers, “Sacch has a very substantial plot, its unique, very different and something that hasn’t been explored yet. In an era of rom-coms, road films and pure commercial movies, Sacch will dare to be different because it has a very significant message to give.”
"Sacch is a big budgeted film that will come across as a film on screen. There isn’t any drama like quality about Sacch," stressed Zulfikar while talking to HIP.
He added, "The movie is a musical extravaganza. We have paid much attention to each and every detail and have endeavoured to bring to you a movie which can equally rival any Yash Chopra or Karan Johar’s movie. It took about two years to construct the script because we wanted it to be everything perfect.”
Sacch-the truth will feature 6 songs the lyrics of which have been written by Gulzaar and music arranged by Simaab Sen.
No release date has yet been finalised but it is scheduled to hit the screens in 2017 only.
Seems like we’re in for a big surprise with this Danish Taimoor, Humayun Ashraf and Elysee starrer fantasy and musical extravaganza.

'Jhol' starring Urwa Hocane & Ali Azmat is all set to take us on an entertaining ride!

Listen up people, here’s bringing you one more treat for Eid- Urwa Hocane and Ali Azmat starrer Jhol is all set to release on Eid-ul-fitr and this situational comedy is surely going to give you a hefty dose of laughter. And with the hilarious first look revealed , we're guessing Jhol will have much more to offer than just Urwa Hocane hanging with a branch and landing on top of Ali's head.

Imagine Ali Azmat playing an ayaash cop- Yes, he certainly looks the part very well and as far as we know from his acting stint in Pal Do Pal (we aren’t even recalling Waar) Ali certainly has a knack for acting- he just needs the right direction. And Shahid Shafaat is a capable man to get everything going.
Jhol is a situational comedy with a romantic and action angle to it. The star cast including big names like Urwa Hocane, Ali Azmat and Saleem Mairaj along with Nausheen Shah and Bilal Ashraf, certainly raises expectations and since the storyline would be based on an ayaash cop, some low IQ terrorists and everything goody-good in life, Jhol is certainly something to look forward to this Eid. It sounds like something we'd be able to relate to.
One more thing, we perhaps would get to see Ayesha Omar in a desi avataar in Jhol for a dance number as well.

According to Hamza Ansari, the producer, “Jhol is a very *awami film. It has awami dialogues that will ring well with the audience and since our actors were very synced throughout the movie, everything has come out great.” He further added,” *Jhol will make it good in the multiplexes based on its merit, this is one thing we’re confident about. We’re playing the underdogs at the moments but expectations from Jhol are more than just being good enough.”
The teaser trailer for Jhol will be released on the 15th of April and the movie is expected to release worldwide on Eid-ul-fitr.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Leaving Pakistan and Lollywood was painful, says Shabnam

Actress Shabnam, the poster girl of Lollywood in the 1970s, burst into tears while talking about leaving Pakistan and its film industry in the late 1990s.
“It was very painful for me but I did it for my family, especially my father, who suffered from a heart attack in Bangladesh while I was in Pakistan,” said the film star at the literary festival organised by Old Ravians Union (ORU) at Government College University (GCU), Lahore.
A session was dedicated to Shabnam titled, ‘An interaction with Shabnam Ghosh’.
“I lived and worked for almost three decades in Pakistan, how could I forget the people who gave me so much love and respect,” she added.
Shabnam feels the film industry was hit by the 1971 war. When asked about the Bangladeshi cinema, Shabnam said: “It is in the same condition as Pakistani cinema nowadays.” But, she was optimistic about the revival of the film industry, saying the new generation was working hard for the cause.
She said the actors were not very demanding when she worked in the film industry, adding that "they were no concept of five-star hotels as they used to stay in tents most of the time during outdoor shooting."
She said her husband, music director Robin Ghosh, was loving, caring and very understanding and never interfered in her film life, and never asked questions when she came home late from work.
Legendary actor Mustafa Qureshi also attended the session moderated by Asghar Nadeem Syed.
Governor Rafique Rajwana, the chief guest, lauded the GCU for holding the literary festival.
The festival was spread over five literary sessions, including one on traditions of theatre and drama which was addressed by Irfan Khoosat and Naeem Tahir.
The festival opened with a session which paid glowing tributes to Bano Qudisa. Poet Yasmeen Hameed, Anees Ahmed, the son of Bano Qudsia, Prof Dr Saadat Saeed and Dr Khalid Sinjarni talked about the late writer.
In the third session, Usman Peerzada, Feryal Gauhar and Sarmad Khoosat deliberated on cinema in Pakistan. Yasmin Tahir, Editor Rashid Rehman and Navid Shahzad shed light on the life and works of Syed Imtaiz Ali Taj and chief justice SA Rehman.

Chalay Thay Saath looks like an emotional roller coaster

Syra Shahroz’s debut movie, Chalay Thay Saath is all set to release on April 21 this year.

The much-awaited trailer of the movie is finally out and we can’t wait to see the film already.
The trailer is jam-packed with scenes shot in the northern areas of Pakistan.
As the trailer starts, we see Adam, (Kent S Leung) on China’s border, as he is about to step foot in Pakistan.
As Adam struggles to perfect his Urdu, Resham’s (Syra) farewell trip takes an unexpected turn when he joins the rest of the clan on their journey.
With the titter tatter of an ex couple, (Tania and Zain), and a third wheel (Faraz), the trailer is quite fun.
Until, Resham is forced to stay back with her family, in the mountains, forever by her baba.
How do the rest of the events unfold? You must watch the movie for that.
“The film is about the different kind of relationships you deal with in life whether they are with family or friends,” Syra told The Express Tribune earlier.
Furthermore, Mansha Pasha, Zhalay Sarhadi, Faris Khalid and Shamim Halai are seen playing jubilant roles.

Syra is also set to star in Project Ghazi, along Shehryar Munawwar.
Chalay Thay Saath is slated to release on April 21.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar to star in upcoming movie titled 'Saat Din Mohabbat In'

After their superhit movie Ho Mann Jahaan, Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar are all set to share the big screen all over again in Dawn Films debut movie titled Saat Din Mohabbat In (SDMI). It is an innovative, offbeat romantic comedy set in contemporary Karachi.
The movie is a hilarious romantic tale about a young man’s quest to find his true love in a crowded Karachi neighbourhood, and the obstacles, both spiritual and physical, that he must overcome in order to achieve his goals.

SDMI will be directed by Meenu and Farjad who are well known for their success of Zinda Bhaag, and has been scripted by Fasih Bari Khan who excels in work that deals with urban life in Pakistan.
“Fast-paced and dynamic, this moving film promises to be both a visual and musical treat for moviegoers, as well as an authentic representation of life in Karachi’s teeming neighbourhoods,” said a spokesperson for DawnFilms.
“The choice of the two stars, Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munnawar, in offbeat roles, along with supporting roles played by theatre and film actors, promises the kind of film that audiences have seldom seen in Pakistan,” continued the spokesperson.
We at HIP are already excited and cannot wait to watch Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar create magic on the screen once again! Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding Saat Din Mohabbat In!

Jawad Bahsir's next feature film 'Kammo Parveen' is a dark comedy!

Jawad Bashir who is well known for comedy is now gearing up for his latest movie that is nowhere near his usual genre. The veteran director/actor/singer is all prepared to take a direct dig at life with his next feature film titled Kammo Parveen.

Excited to know all about the movie, we at HIP got in touch with Jawad Bashir and he revealed that it's an entirely different and unexplored genre in Pakistan.
“ Kammo Parveen is a dark comedy, a satire basically. A total indie movie that is based on the bitter truths that we tend to avoid talking about."
Jawad did not want to reveal the story but he did give us a little information regarding the polt,
” Humari zindagi se rung khatam na hojaye agar hum kisi ko acha banne dain. Kammo Parveen is a movie that deals with this trait of the society."
"There is a love angle in the movie as well, but focus on the selfish side of love, of how possessive love can become and how twisted a lover can be when he/she doesn’t want to share the beloved with anybody else," he added.
When questioned about the setting of the movie, Jawad revealed that the movie will revolve around the people of Manoranjan Bazaaar, the red-light zone in Lahore. It’s a story of two sister, who happen to be prostitutes by nature but are better than thousands of other people put together.
Kammo and Parveen lead a simple life within the Manoranjan Bazaar, doing what prostitutes do. But when they think about changing their life’s direction, this world, that has labelled them as prostitutes, selling their bodies for money, doesn’t let them be better people.
Based on prostitutes, Kammo Parveen would surely feature an item song we thought but Jawad's reply was nothing like what we were expecting,
“I did it once, I’m not doing it again. Teri Meri Love Story had an item number because the producers wanted it. Kammo Parveen doesn’t have an item song. It’s a very clean movie- a family movie.”
The movie is artistic and revolves around a very serious subject that promises to entertain and enlighten the masses.
The cast for Kammo Parveen has not been finalised yet. However, with tentative plans, the movie might hit the floors in April 2017 and release by the end of the year.

Shabnam signs Syed Noor's movie 'Aina'

The legendary Shabnam Jee was introduced in Pakistani movies by actor Waheed Murad where she first appeared in a lead role in his movie titled Samundar back in 1968. After that, till the 80s she remained quite active but returned back to Bangladesh to spend time with her family. But with the actress now back in Pakistan for a bit, we have some great news for all her fans. She has agreed to sign the second part of her mega hit movie Aina which will now be directed by Syed Noor.

Aina was released in 1977 and it had her as well as Nadeem in the lead roles, the movie was a smashing success as it ran for a total of 401 weeks on all cinemas and 48 weeks on main cinemas in Karachi. The popularity was not just limited to Pakistan, in fact, it even ran to packed theatres across China too. The music was composed by Shabnam's husband, Robin Ghosh and is still remembered today.
With our source confirming the news that Shabnam jee has indeed signed Syed Noor's Aina we are extremely excited as the schedule for when it is expected to begin shooting will be given to her soon. With the cast members still being finalised there is a possibility that some parts of it just might be shot abroad.

Shabnam Jee has been nominated several times for the Nigar Awards and has also won it 13 times which is the most for any actress.
The movie icon has appeared in over 180 films and with her about to make a comeback to Pakistani cinema HIP would like to welcome Shabnam Jee back and wish her all the very best!

Asim Abbasi begins shoot for his directorial debut 'Cake'

Award-winning filmmaker Asim Abbasi, begins shoot for his directorial debut feature film titled 'Cake, starring of Aamina Sheikh, Adnan Malik and Sanam Saeed in lead roles.

“I have been watching the evolution of Pakistani cinema over the last five years and am extremely excited to be a part of this project with Asim Abbasi, with whom I share the vision of providing quality and meaningful entertainment to the audiences in Pakistan.” shared Sayed Zulfiqar Bukhari, the Executive Producer of CAKE.

'CAKE is a film about responsibility and choices.' according to Asim Abbasi, the writer & director of the film. 'The story unravels layer by layer, as the characters confront past secrets and buried truths.'
Principal shoot of Cake will carry on till April 2017, with the film being shot in Karachi, Interior Sindh and London.

The screenplay is written by Asim Abbasi as well, with Mo Azmi as the Director of Photography and Aarij Hashimi as the Production Designer.

The film is being produced by a UK production company, Indus Talkies, with Mahnoor Amna Mahmood as the Associate Producer and Sayed Zulfiqar Bukhari as the Executive Producer. 

Chalay Thay Saath all set to release on April 21st, 2017

Chalay Thay Saath, the highly anticipated upcoming feature film produced by We Think Films in association with Hot Water Bottle Films, is set to release in cinemas across Pakistan on April 21st, 2017.

Chalay Thay Saath is a journey of growth, friendship and love set in the backdrop of stunning mountains in the north of Pakistan. A story of travellers on the road to self discovery, dedicated to the remote region of Hunza and its beautiful people. This film follows the stories of 6 individuals, each going through their own journey in life and explores their connect with each other and the magnificent surroundings. The ensemble cast includes Saira Shahroz, Kent S Leung, Behrooz Sabzwari, Zhalay Sarhadi, Mansha Pasha, Osama Tahir, Faris Khalid, Shamim Hilaly and Sherbaz Kaleem.

This refreshing, feel-good, romantic-drama, inspired by true events has been directed by Umer Adil, written by Atiya Zaidi and jointly produced by the duo Beenish Umer and Umer Adil. Sheikh Shiraz Mubashir is the Executive Producer for the film and the film is to be distributed across Pakistan by Distribution club.